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Accounting Training


SAGE ERP Accounting (Using Tally 9.0)

As an accounting technician, you will have a working knowledge of fundamental accounting procedures. This program will enable you to develop the skills necessary to maintain accounting records for businesses and to prepare personal and corporate income tax returns.

The program offers real world experience, on the job training, hands-on projects, and industry speakers, which, combined with creative teaching methods, give students the opportunity to acquire a comprehensive understanding of today’s business practices.

For Graduates of Marketing & Business Administration: This Training will cover Practical aspects of CRM (Customer Relationship Management), SCM (Supply Chain Management) which are paramount to your practice nowadays.

  • For Graduates of Economics & Finance: This Training also covers Business Intelligence & Business analytics, dashboard analysis, Chart analysis of financial activities and more…
  • For Accountants: The training covers the application of this software for Oil & Gas Project Accounting, Telecommunication Accounting, Construction Accounting & Manufacturing accounting.

For those that will like to work in the Oil & Gas firms You will be trained on how to use this software for Oil & Gas Jobs, such as:

  1. Oil & Gas Drilling Project accounting with over 100 cost centres
  2. Oil & Gas piping projects accounting.
  3. Oil & Gas Local content contract accounting.

Graduate Opportunities

Graduates from this program may find employment with:

  • Private industry
  • Public Accounting
  • Government
  • Self employment

Go through the course details & outlines below:


  1. Creation of Ledgers & Bal.
  2. Creation of Customers & Bals
  3. Creation of Vendors & Bal.
  4. Budgeting & Projection
  5. Project Mgt. & Job Costing
  6. Human Resource Mgt.
  7. Inventory & Stock Valuation
  8. VAT Settings
  9. Users’ Security


  1. Invoice Transactions
  2. Quotations/Sales Orders
  3. Product Sales Transactions
  4. Service Sales Transactions
  5. Collection Of Debtors Balances
  6. Credit Purchase Transactions
  7. Product Purchase Transactions
  8. Service Purchase Transactions
  9. Payment Of Creditors Balances
  10. Purchase Orders
  11. Sales/Purchases Returns
  12. General Journal Transactions
  13. Project Revenue Transactions
  14. Project Expenditure Transactions
  15. Payment Of Salaries
  16. Stock Adjustments
  17. Account Reconciliation
  18. Internal Accounting Review
  19. Closing of Financial Year


  1. Ratio Analysis
  2. Operational Analysis
  3. Cash Management


  1. Sales Invoice Form Design
  2. Receipt Form Design
  3. Form Alignment
  4. Logos & Images



  1. Financial Statement Categories
    a. Cash Flow Statement
    b. Income Statement
    c. Balance Sheet
    d. Revenue & Expenditure A/c
  2. Customer Reports
    a. Cash Receipt Journal
    b. Customers Ledgers
    c. Customer Transactions History
    d. Aged Receivables and more…..
  3. Vendor Reports
    a. Vendor Ledgers
    b. Cash Disbursements Journal
    c. Aged Payables
    d. Purchase Journal
    e. Vendor Transactions History
  4. Project Reports
    a. Project Profitability Report
    b. Project Ledgers
    c. Job Retainage Report
    d. Work In Progress Report
  5. Stock/Inventory Reports
    a. Stock Status Report
    b. Stock Profitability Report
    c. Stock Valuation Report
    d. C.O.G.S Journal
  6. Human Resource Reports
    a. Payroll Journal
    b. P.A.Y.E Reports
    c. Tax Liability Reports
    d. Current Earnings Report


  1. Printing Options
  2. Microsoft Excel Navigation
  3. PDF Navigation


  1. Manual Back up/Restore
  2. Online Back up/Restore

Class works during training will cover:

  1. Oil & Gas Financial operations
  2. Manufacturing Financial operations
  3. Construction Financial operations
  4. Project Management
  5. General business Fin. Operations and more……..


Reasons Why you Must Enroll

  1. You will be trained with the most recent version of ERP.
  2. It will Increase the chances of getting a good job
  3. Real world Practical Application of what you have learnt in school
  4. You will be trained by experienced Professionals
  5. It will give you the knowledge on how to use Accounting Softwares in different industries.
  6. Be assured of a Comprehensive and Advance Knowledge of the applications
  7. You will be given an additional training on Microsoft Excel for FREE
  8. The course Fee has been subsidized for Fresh Graduates.
  9. Trainees will benefit from IFRS training


  • Please, you must register to attend the training. Registration is Free.
  • You can come with a laptop so that we can install the software on it.

Cost: ₦45,000 now ₦15,000 (End of the year Promo)

Register Now

Period Date (Time) Duration
Weekdays (Morning)
(Monday, Wednesday and Friday)
  10th – 28th October, 2016 (10am to 1pm) 9 Days (27 hrs)
Weekdays (Evening)
(Monday, Wednesday and Friday)
  10th – 28th October, 2016 (6pm to 9pm) 9 Days (27 hrs)
(Saturdays Only)
  10th – 28th October, 2016 (10:00am to 5:00pm (15mins Break)) 4 Saturdays (27 hrs)


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